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We recommend, as with any other painted surface, that periodic cleaning is carried out. Polyester powder coated aluminium requires only a soapy water solution to bring back the original appearance. Once a year, or twice in a marine environment, we recommend that the gutter system is cleaned and joint integrity is checked. Any collected gutter debris should also be removed.

Typically aluminium guttering is more expensive than a uPVC equivalent but is quite comparable in price to a high end uPVC system. As our aluminium gutters have a 50 year functional life expectancy they will last much longer than a uPVC system saving money in the long term. Aluminium systems are also offered in a larger variety of colours and styles giving the homeowner more choice.

Here is a link to our article comparing general costs between various material choices: How much does new guttering cost?

Our aluminium gutters are supplied pre-coated with a durable polyester powder paint colour of your choice. With minimal maintenance, our architectural grade paints can provide a decorative finish for in excess of 25 years. 

Following many years of service, once the paint finish loses its original lustre, the painted surfaces can be overpainted using a good quality metal paint, providing a durable decorative finish for many years to come.

Alugutter products are manufactured from marine grade aluminium and coated with exterior grade polyester powder paints. The aluminium will never rust, rot or  crack like cast iron or steel equivalents and polyester powder paint is one of the most durable decorative finishes available. Our products have a functional life expectancy of approximately 50 years, and with minimal maintenance, the colour coatings can provide a decorative finish for in excess of 25 years. 

Aluminium does not burn and is classed under BS476-4 as a non combustible building material and Class A1 under European regulations.

Our decorative polyester powder coatings used on our products are rated as follows:

BS476-6 = Class 0 (Fire propagation)

BS476-7 = Class 1 (Surface spread of flame)

EN13501-1 = A2 - s1,d0

Our products are supplied with installation guides and can be installed by any competent trades person or even DIY enthusiast.

Use either a hack saw with 18 teeth to 1” blade, or circular saw with appropriate aluminium cutting blade. Angle grinders are also suitable with a thin cutting blade. If using an angle grinder, dip the blade into Tallow which lubricates the blade and makes for a much faster/neater cut.

Modern buildings now have heavily insulated roofs to prevent heat loss which means snow buildup on roofs is becoming more common. The BS EN12056-3 rainwater drainage design standard advises that gutters should be installed so that the front lip aligns with the pitch of the roof. This prevents sliding snow impact and the gutters becoming damaged. 

The use of incompatible screws and fixings will cause electrolytic corrosion between the two metals. Only austenitic stainless steel fixings as supplied by Alugutter should be used.

BS EN12056, the current design standard for sizing rainwater goods. The standard states that a 1 year storm event is to be used for all external gutters and lists the various local rainfall intensities applicable. Here is an in depth guide. We also offer a free drainage design service and can recommend suitable products. Please email your roof plan and elevation drawings by clicking this link

The style of eaves gutter system is usually dictated by the style of the building, however it is the specifiers decision. Traditional styles are available conforming  to BS 8530 and we also offer contemporary styles with a modern Snapfit jointing method. Our various gutter systems can be viewed here.

All gutter and pipe joints should be sealed with Alugutter Code SU1 low modulus high performance silicone sealant.

Joint surfaces must first be cleaned with a PVC solvent cleaner and dry prior to applying the sealant.

We recommend that all pipe joints are sealed with low modulus silicone sealant. Sealing the joints prevents water over spilling at tight bends where water turbulence could build up, locks the pipes in position preventing rattles and improves flow performance as air is not being sucked in through open joints. Our various aluminium downpipe systems can be viewed here.

Small domestic gutters are generally installed to falls of 1:600 to enhance the flow towards an outlet. However, our systems are all high performance in terms of flow capability and can also be installed level if preferred. 

All metal gutters expand and contract but the amount of thermal movement will depend on the metal used. Aluminium expands approximately 1mm per 1m, but does not expand as much as uPVC systems. All of our systems are designed with a 3-4mm expansion gap at each joint to allow for thermal movement without breaking the silicone joint seal. 

Delivery & Returns FAQs

Many of our products are available for shorter leads times in textured black and RAL 7016 anthracite grey finishes. Our full list of lead times can be found here.

We will always strive to improve on lead times whenever requested.

Should you wish to cancel or amend your order please let us know ASAP and we will do our best to accommodate.

Usually if after 3 days of order placement items will already be in production at which point amendments may be difficult to implement.

Most of our products are polyester powder coated to order and are therefore classed as bespoke items. We regrettably cannot accept the return of bespoke items.

There are however exceptions to this rule as certain product lines are stocked coated for shorter lead times. Further details can be found here.

We would politely ask that you check that you have received the correct goods and that all items are in good condition while the delivery person is still present. In the unlikely event that damage has occurred to your goods please accept the goods (please don't return to sender) and mark this clearly on the delivery persons paperwork and contact our offices as soon as possible on 01234 958659. Failure to mark the delivery persons paperwork correctly may result in claims for damages not being honored.

Collections in person are possible however must be agreed prior to collection. Please contact us should you wish to arrange your own transport.

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