DURABLE – Unlike other material options, our marine grade aluminium products will never rust, rot, crack or become brittle. Our aluminium products are extremely resistant to corrosion, maximising the products’ life expectancy and out performing other guttering options.
RECYCLABLE - Aluminium has been manufactured for over 100 years and approximately 75% produced is still in use today. Aluminium can be infinitely recycled without loss of quality, which keeps scrap values high and means it should never go to landfill. Furthermore, recycled aluminium only uses 5% of the initial energy required to produce new aluminium.
NON-COMBUSTIBLE – Aluminium is classed as a non-combustible construction material. Defined by BS 476 part 3 External Fire Exposure roof tests, aluminium alloys are rated AA, the highest possible under this classification system.
HIGH STRENGTH TO WEIGHT RATIO – Aluminium can provide the strength of steel at 1/3rd of the weight.
UNIFORM COLOUR – Aluminium provides an excellent base material for polyester powder coating colour applications. A powder coated finish is one of the most durable and uniform decorative finishes available.


Alugutter® eaves drainage systems and all associated components are Polyester Powder Coated in accordance with Qualicoat accredited procedures, using only the best external architectural grade powder paints. This achieves a superior decorative and durable finish when compared to conventional paint systems. Painting is carried out in an automated and controlled environment, starting with cleansing the product surfaces, and followed by pre-treatment of surfaces prior to the powder paint being electrostatically applied. This is followed by oven baking to temperatures in excess of 200̊ C for approximately 10 minutes to convert the applied powder paint to a hard and durable finish. 


Alugutter® products have a functional life expectancy of approximately 50 years, and with minimal maintenance, the colour coatings can provide a decorative finish for in excess of 25 years. The paint manufacturers recommend that painted surfaces are washed down on a yearly basis with clean water and a soft brush. This should be reduced to 6-month periods in marine or aggressive environmental locations.

Following many years of service, once the paint finish loses its original lustre, the painted surfaces can be overpainted using a good quality metal paint.

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