How much does new guttering cost? - UK 2022

Are you in the market for new guttering but unsure of which material to choose for your home or project? In this article, we will examine the most popular guttering material options available in the UK today and their associated supply costs.

The information presented below is based on 125mm Half Round Guttering systems and their compatible downpipes, sourced from various UK retailer websites. These system quantities are calculated based on a typical, medium-sized UK family home.

Guttering Systems - Total Supply Cost

The table below displays the supply costs for various guttering systems, including PVC, PVC Cast Effect, Cast Iron, Steel, and Aluminium guttering. The prices listed are correct as of May 2022.

PVC Gutters

PVC Cast Effect Gutters

Cast Iron Gutters

Steel Gutters Aluminium Guttering
24m Gutter £119.04 £258.00 £767.28 £231.84 £399.12
24 x Fascia Brackets £45.84 £75.36 £143.04 £100.80 £95.04
8 x Union Jointers £31.12 £86.96 N/A £59.12 £63.44
4 x Angles £27.08 £61.68 £98.84 £125.76 £60.64
2 x Outlets £11.88 £28.58 £49.42 £26.56 £54.70
2 x Stop Ends £6.74 £16.80 £24.56 £10.08 £19.82
12m Downpipe £70.32 £192.96 £609.36 £193.80 £171.60
10 x Pipe clip £26.40 £59.40 N/A £45.40 £71.40
2 x Swanneck offsets £21.52 £69.36 £147.62 £67.98 £51.10
Total £359.94 £849.10 £1840.12 £861.34 £986.86


As expected, PVC guttering is the most affordable option. However, cast iron effect PVC gutters, steel guttering, and Alugutter's Half Round aluminium guttering systems are comparable in their initial costs.

Guttering Costs per 1 Metre

We have divided the total cost of each system from the previous table by 24m for the guttering and 12m for the downpipe to determine the price per 1 metre (including fittings). This allows for accurate up or downscaling to determine costs.

Guttering System Gutter Price per 1m Downpipe Price per 1m
PVC Gutters £10.07 £9.85
PVC Cast Effect Gutters £21.97 £26.81
Cast Iron Gutters £45.13 £63.08
Steel Gutters £23.09 £25.60
Aluminium Guttering £28.87 £24.51


Guttering Costs When Considering Expected Product Life Span 

The following table displays the total costs of each system divided by its expected lifespan.

Guttering System Product Life (Years) Cost per Year
PVC Gutters 20 £18.00
PVC Cast Effect Gutters 20 £42.46
Cast Iron Gutters 50 £36.80
Steel Gutters 15 £57.42
Aluminium Guttering 50 £19.74


It's important to note that system costs can vary significantly depending on their expected lifespan. Cheaper PVC and steel systems typically require replacement two or three times within a 50-year period. Cast iron guttering, while comparable in lifespan to aluminium, requires regular painting every 10 years or so, which can significantly increase the overall cost of ownership.

Aluminium gutter and downpipe systems are highly durable and require minimal maintenance. All Alugutter aluminium rainwater systems come with a 50-year functional life expectancy, making aluminium the preferred choice for those seeking a cost-effective, long-lasting guttering system that looks great and requires little upkeep.