Alugutter® eaves drainage systems and all associated components are Polyester Powder Coated in accordance with Qualicoat accredited procedures, using only the best external architectural grade powder paints. This achieves a superior decorative and durable finish when compared to conventional paint systems. Painting is carried out in a controlled automated environment, firstly cleansing the product surfaces, followed by multi stage chemical pre-treatments, prior to  electrostatic application of the powder paint. The product is finally subjected to temperatures in excess of 200°C for approximately 10 minutes, which liquefy’s and fuses the paint to the product surfaces, providing a hard and durable paint finish.


For most ranges Alugutter® offer Anthracite Grey RAL 7016 and a Textured Black as standard stocked products for shorter lead times. A wide range of other standard colours are also available and shown in the chart below. If a special colour is required, please contact us to establish availability and prices.

With the exception of our textured high gloss black finish, all colours are set at a 30% gloss level with a smooth surface finish.

Alugutter Paint Colours


Each component is hung on an automated line

Alugutter Powder Coating Sequence 1

 Products are pre-washed and degreased to ensure no contaminants

Alugutter Powder Coating Sequence 2

Each item is electrostatically charged and paint applied with automated spray jets for an even uniform coating

Alugutter Powder Coating Sequence 3

The products finally pass through an oven where temperatures of 200 deg C liquefy and bond the paint to the aluminium surfaces.

Alugutter Powder Coating Sequence 4

Each product is inspected at the end of the process before packaging

Alugutter Powder Coating Sequence 5

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