Gutter Maintenance

Powder coated aluminium guttering systems have a proven track record for being extremely durable whilst requiring little maintenance. This is one of the reasons they are widely specified for high end domestic applications.

Aluminium eaves systems are also commonly seen on high rise buildings, office blocks, schools, churches and retail units as regular cleaning is often impractical due to costs and accessibility. Our systems will offer a significant saving on maintenance costs when compared to other guttering materials. 

Similar to aluminium windows and other painted surfaces, periodic cleaning of our aluminium gutters should be undertaken to keep the system looking fresh and prolong the life of the paint.

In most cases, rainwater will wash away light grime build-up. To wash away pollutants or salt in coastal environments, polyester powder coated surfaces only require fresh water and a soft brush to bring the original appearance back.

Once a year, or twice in a marine environment, we recommend that the gutter system is cleaned and joint integrity is checked. Any collected gutter debris should also be removed.

Cleaning of gutter systems can often be undertaken at ground level by specialist gutter cleaning companies. Often window cleaning services will also offer this type of service.

Can Aluminium Guttering be Painted?

Following many years of service, once the original polyester powder paint finish loses its original lustre, the painted surfaces can be overpainted using a good quality metal paint.

Surfaces should be first be sanded down with a light abrasive to remove any of the old loose paint. The system can then be cleaned with a soap and water solution in preparation for the primer.

Apply a good quality metal primer as this is the basis for a long durable finish. Leave the primer to dry and then apply the paint as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Top tip: Check the weather forecast! Ideally painted surfaces will need at least 3 days to dry.