Fascia Bracket Spacing

When installing aluminium gutters, the brackets should be spaced at most 1 meter apart. However, in areas with high winds or heavy snowfall, the spacing can be reduced. We offer various types of gutter brackets, including ones that attach to the fascia board, directly to the rafter arms, and spikes that are set into brickwork.

Gutter Joints

Our unique "Snapfit" twinseal gutter jointing method makes installation simple, tidy, quick and most importantly durable! A bead of our high-performance silicone sealant (part code SU1) is applied between the foam spacers within each jointer, outlet and angle. The joints are then simply clicked together over the gutter lengths. Traditional Moulded Ogee gutter lengths and fittings are supplied with a male jointing end that slots into the next gutter section. Silicone sealant (code SU1) is applied between each joint then the joints are anchored together using nuts and bolts (code SU5).

How to Install Aluminium Guttering

Our aluminium guttering systems can be installed by any trades person. Mitre saws and skill saws with metal cutting blades are typically used to cut gutter lengths as required.

For a more detailed look into how our individual systems are installed, please take a look at our installation videos or download our installation guides.