How To Clean Aluminium Downpipes

Powder coated finishes are extremely hard wearing and will last many years especially if looked after with periodic cleaning.

The cleaning process is very simple and we recommend that the downpipes are cleaned annually or every 6 months in a marine environment. This will keep your rainwater system looking like new for longer!

Top tip: Start washing from top to bottom to prevent dirt running down where you have already cleaned.

  • Wash the aluminium downpipes with clean water and a soft bristle brush. Microfibre cloths also work exceptionally well! 
  • Do not use harsh cleaning chemicals or abrasive pads as these have the potential to damage the powder coated surfaces, reducing the life of the paint finish.
  • Once the downpipe system has been washed, give it a good dry with another clean cloth and the system should be sparkling once again.